Master’s Toy

Okay, don’t get all offended by the title of this blog, I am a submissive, and finding the right fit for me with a Dom(me) is almost impossible. I’ve found one and the match is almost perfect because he understands my independent streak but my need to have the control he offers as well. So, for those that are not submissive or don’t understand how BDSM truly works, just feel free to skip this blog today.

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This brand new set from Asteria is amazing. It comes as separate pieces: bustier, panties, lace dress, and regular dress. The lingerie set includes a HUD with 4 metal options. Each piece is fit for Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Legacy (Perky), and Maitreya (Petite). Each are available in 10 color options or as a fatpack.

Outfit ♥new♥: Asteria – Joy Bustier, Panties, Dress, and Lace Dress Fatpack Legacy – Cosmopolitan Event (May 3 – May 15)

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This tattoo from Juna is so pretty even if it’s not at an event anymore. This tattoo is omega and BoM only and includes 4 intensities.

Tattoo: Juna Artistic Tattoo – Edwige Tattoo Medium Classic Avatar (BoM)

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I am a WINNER! I rarely enter the giveaways on Facebook or Flickr anymore because I never win and today I did. This brand new hair from Tram can be found at Collabor88. This hair includes 4 styles and comes in all standard color packs. There is also a customizer (which I used to achieve the ginger tone I use normally). This hair is so pretty and thank you so much Moca Loup for choosing me as a winner ♥!

Hair ♥new♥: Tram – K0425 Hair A2 Fatpack – Collabor88 (May 8 – June 6)


After trying several others, this pose from Diversion was just perfect for what I was trying to show off. This older, bento pose set is available at the main store and MP. It includes 5 poses plus mirrors.

Pose: Diversion – Wicked Beauty 5

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You only have a couple of days to get over to the current round of The Liaison Collaborative and grab this backdrop from The Bearded Guy. This gacha backdrop collection includes 5 commons and 1 rare to win.

Backdrop ♥new♥: The Bearded Guy – Under Control Blacklight Tunnel Common – The Liaison Collaborative (April 18 – May 10)

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The Bearded Guy Under Control Gacha Key

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Late Night Rendevous

We’ve all seen those movies or TV shows where a girl shows up at her lover’s home in nothing but a trench coat, right? When I saw this new set from Asteria that’s exactly what it made me think of. I hope you like what I’ve done with it.

Available now at Access Event this coat and bodysuit set will definitely have you thinking of secret rendevous. This set is sold separately as the coat and bodysuit. The coat is available in 15 colors and the bodysuit is available in 10 colors. The coat does require you to alpha out your arms and hands. This set is fit for Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Legacy (Perky), and Maitreya (Petite).

Outfit ♥new♥: Asteria – Ivy Coat and Bodysuit Legacy Fatpack – Access Event (January 12 – Febraury 8)

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I chose this pose set from Diversion because this pose, in particular, didn’t do much with the arms so it was perfect to feature this coat. This set was part of a hunt and may not be available anymore, they aren’t on MP at least. I double-checked at the main store and they are there. Anyhow, this set includes 3 poses plus mirrors.

Pose: Diversion – Stroll 2

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Hair: Tram – J1016 Hair Style 3 HUD A


Eyeshadow: MJN – Vegas Nights L7

Lipstick: MJN – 1 Night in Ibiza L7

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Backdrop: CK Elite – Hallway Backdrop


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S’mores for One

Well, autumn is in full swing in Idaho, we’ve had our first snowfall, but haven’t suffered our first below-freezing day, and yes I do mean autumn. Idaho is a strange creature, we’ll literally go from 74° one day all the way down to 18° the next. We live in a high desert and with that comes all the joys of living in a desert, extreme weather. I honestly hate where I live but I’m stuck, there is no way I can move anywhere else in the near future but I dream about it.

Just Because makes me look so cute this fall with this adorable new knit, sweater dress. This dress is fit for Freya, Hourglass, Legacy, and Maitreya (Petite). It is available in all standard 24 colors. I just love this dress and think she did such a good job on it.

Dress ♥new♥: Just Because – Ryanna Dress Legacy Fatpack – Collabor88‌ (November 8 – December 6)

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I paired this dress up with a new hair from Tram available at Collabor88. This hair is available in the three standard color packs or as a fatpack. A HUD for the beret is included as well.

Hair ♥new♥: Tram – J1028 HUD A – Collabor88‌ (November 8 – December 6)


These boots from Vanilla Bae can also be found at Collabor88. They are fit for Maitreya, Legacy, Freya, Hourglass, and Kupra. They are sold as a fatpack only with 30 color options for 4 faces. There is an adult strip version and a PG version included in each pack.

Shoes ♥new♥: Vanilla Bae – Aleyna Boots Legacy PG – Collabor88‌ (November 8 – December 6)

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This pose from Nantra can be found at The Liaison Collaborative and includes 6 bento poses plus mirrors. Props are rezzed with each different pose. I didn’t change the pose other than to change the position forward from the original point. The scene includes two tree stumps and a fire pit.

Pose ♥new♥: Nantra – Enter Autumn 1 – The Liaison Collaborative (November 3 – November 26)

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Little Branch is back at The Liaison Collaborative with this wonderful tree. The black oak tree includes two different sizes, mesh grass, oak grass for fall & summer, and oak grass for spring. The tree is animated and includes texture change for the 4 seasons.

Tree and Grass ♥new♥: Little Branch – Black Oak Tree 4 Seasons Animated with Oak Grass Fall*Summer – The Liaison Collaborative (November 3 – November 26)

Giant Cedar Animated Seasons

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I had never heard of Traditions before I received this blogger pack for The Liaison Collaborative. This s’mores pack includes the fire sign, three versions of the cocoa cup, campfire and marshmallows, two different sticks with and without a marshmallow, and two different s’mores giver bowls.

Treats Decor ♥new♥: Traditions – S’mores and Mores Pack – The Liaison Collaborative (November 3 – November 26)

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Forget Man’s Best Friend, how about Girl’s Best Friend

Okay, it seems I have found yet another way to use the classic editor in WordPress without selecting it as a block. Today I’m writing this blog in the WP admin section of my posts and it’s just like the good old days. I really hate the new block editor but having found the classic block had made my life easier, until I needed to add a photo and then I had to use the other way. Oh well, I’m okay with writing my blog right here!

Forget Man’s Best friend, how about Girl’s Best Friend

I chose a dress from Vanilla Bae to feature today because I mean look at it, it’s so cute! This dress is fit for Maitreya and Legacy only and has the option for adult or PG. It is available in 24 individual colors or as a fatpack and you can grab this dress only at Collabor88.


Dress ♥new♥: Vanilla Bae – Mimi Dress Legacy PG – Collabor88 (September 8 – October 6)

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I also picked up a hair from Tram, available at Collabor88 as well. This hair includes 2 versions and a customizer. It is resizeable and available in all standard color HUDs or a fatpack.

Hair ♥new♥: Tram – J0908 Hair HUD A Cheeks – Collabor88 (September 8 – October 6)


The last time I wore this lipstick I forgot to credit it. This lipstick is one of the add-ons for the Nuve Ava Lelutka skin. Now, what I love about Nuve lips is that even though they are made to fit one of the skin tone packs, any of them will work with all tones. This one I chose is from the medium pack. It’s a little darker on nordic skintones but stands out so well.

Lips: Nuve (formerly Spicy Bodyshop) – Ava Lipstick Pack Medium

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This pose pack has had my eye for a while. I bought the male version a few months ago and no, it didn’t work great with my female avi but it was on sale. I decided to grab this one because it is so cute. This pose set includes the dog and 5 bento poses.

Pose: Secret Poses – New Friend 4

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Tattoo ♥update to BoM♥: Carol G. – Felice Tattoo 75%

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Backdrop: Minimal – Santorini Backdrop

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In the Meadow

I had to test out another feature of the Legacy mesh body today, the deformer. This happened because I wasn’t paying attention to the item I grabbed to blog and when I unpacked it, I discovered it wasn’t one of the items that included a Legacy size. I put the deformers on with little expectation and was amazed at how perfectly the Maitreya sized dress fit. I didn’t have to change bodies to blog this item and that makes me super happy.

In the Meadow 500

This adorable dress from Tres Blah is available at the main store location. This dress is fit for Freya, Isis, Hourglass, Physique, and Maitreya only. This dress comes in 15 individual colors/patterns with a panties HUD, belt HUD, and lace HUD with 10 options. The fatpack includes 6 additional colors and 3 more lace options.

Dress: Tres Blah – Roma Maitreya with Legacy Deformer

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Veronika had this hair from Tram and I thought it was so cute I had to go buy it too. This hair includes 4 rigged sizes, unrigged bangs, and customization HUD. This hair is just adorable and reminds me of why I like Tram hair so much.

Hair: Tram – J0524 (SS) HUD A


I went and visited Andore the other day and joined the inworld group because there were so many gifts! These adorable ears are just one of them. These ears are unrigged and include ears and accessories HUD independently. They are really cute and if you haven’t tried Andore before you really should.

Ears ♥gift♥: Andore – Michi Mesh Ears

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  Eyeshadow: POUT! – Graceful Shadows Lelutka BoM Crimson+Liner

Lipstick: POUT! – Butter Kiss Lelutka HD

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Pose: Secret Poses – Aurora with Props

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I’ll Be

I love the backdrop in this photo this morning, Satomi is a genius with her backdrops and matching poses but I would make one change for me. Instead of reading “Baby all that you want is what I’ll be” I would have made it say, “Baby all that I want is what I’ll be”. No offense to Satomi but I firmly believe and being yourself and not changing who you are for anyone.

I'll Be 1024

Salt and Pepper is at this round of Uber with this fabulous new dress and shrug set. This set is fit for Maitreya, Freya, and Legacy only, from this release on there will no longer be an Hourglass size included. This dress comes in 10 colors and there is a HUD for the lace that is black or white only. The dress and shrug are sold separately from one another as individual colors or as a fatpack of each.

Dress ♥new♥: Salt & Pepper – Vera Dress and Shrug Freya – Uber (October 25 – November 22)

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Tram is also at Uber with this adorable new hair. I love Tram and just had to have it. This hair includes 2 individual styles, comes in 3 HUD packs or a fatpack, and is resizeable via the script menu in the HUD.

Hair ♥new♥: Tram – I1019 Hair 2 HUD B – Uber (October 25 – November 22)


Now to the prop and pose set. They are sold separately. The pose set includes 6 bento poses plus mirrors that you can buy individually. If you choose to buy the fatpack, as I did, you get the exclusive pose pictured above. The backdrop has an LI of 33.

Backdrop ♥new♥: Foxcity – Photo Booth Unconditional – Uber (October 25 – November 22)

Pose ♥new♥: Foxcity – Baby 3 Leaning Fatpack Exclusive – Uber (October 25 – November 22)

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I'll Be Closeup

I love Glam Affair skins and since I decided to keep Catya on for a little bit longer I decided to pick this skin up. It comes in all standard tones with 4 brow options and a no brow option is included. A shape and BoM appliers are included as well. Freckles, moles, and contouring are also included in the HUD.

Skin ♥new♥: Glam Affair – Johanna Catwa 006 – Uber (October 25 – November 22)

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The Face is at Dubai Event with a brand new lipstick and eyeshadow applier for Catwa. These are sold separately and each include 6 colors plus BoM appliers.

Eyeshadow ♥new♥: The Face – Princess Eyeshadow Catwa – Dubai Event (October 20 – November 10)

Lipstick ♥new♥: The Face – Slay Lipstick Catwa – Dubai Event (October 20 – November 10)

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I am almost done playing catch up for the month, this one has been rough since my computer decided to die at the very beginning of the month. I am so thankful to all the creators on my list that have worked with me this month.

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