I’ll be Your Fantasy

I’m breaking out of my shell, a lot of that has to do with the people I am surrounding myself with. The people that have taken me in as family have really opened up parts of me that I didn’t know existed. I have found love and acceptance that I have never found in either world before.  So, you’ll be seeing more daring and provocative photos coming from me, as well as many including my family in the future.

The main focus of this post is the tattoo of course. Available at Enchantment right now, this tattoo is BoM and Omega only. It includes 4 intensities and is just lovely.

Tattoo ♥new♥: Juna Artistic Tattoo – Silene Tattoo Dark Classic Avatar BoM – Enchantment (May 8 – May 31)

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The barely-there lingerie is from Vanilla Bae. This set is fit for Legacy and Maitreya only and each comes with a HUD with 7 metal colors.

Lingerie: Vanilla Bae – Paola Bra and Panty Chain

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This hair from Doux can be found at Equal10 this month. As usual, it is available as a basic pack with a deluxe HUD sold separately.

Hair ♥new♥: DOUX – Dana Basic and Deluxe Pack – Equal10 (May 10 – May 5)

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This pose from Gingerfish is brand new and can be found at eBento this month. This pose set includes 4 bento poses plus mirrors.

Pose ♥new♥: GingerFish – Lust for Life 3 – eBento (May 11 – May 30)

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This backdrop from The Bearded Guy is available at Kinky Event is one of the commons available to win in this gacha collection. This set includes a total of 5 commons and 1 rare.

Backdrop ♥new♥: The Bearded Guy – Vida Erotica Anal Red Lovers Backdrop – Kinky Event (April 28 – May 22)

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The Bearded Guy Vida Erotica Backdrop Gacha Key

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A Warriors Return

A Midsummer’s Night Dream by William Shakespeare is a comedy that he wrote around 1595 or 1596. This play is set in Athens and revolves around the marriage of Theseus and Hippolyta. You can now pretend to be part of this era with the brand new round of Enchantment. I kind of fell in love with some of the stuff I found there and I am featuring the second piece today.

This outfit from Jangka was just so cute I just had to have it. Fit for Maitreya and Legacy only, the outfit, boots, and butterflies are sold separately. The outfit comes in 5 colors, the boots in 2, and the butterflies include 6 colors.

Outfit ♥new♥:  Jang’ka – Titania Outfit, Boots, and Butterflies (Monarch) – Enchantment (May 8 – May 31)


I chose this older hair from Truth to feature because the metal beads braided into it called elf to me. This hair is available in all color options and includes a style HUD with 4 style options, 2 basic styles with 2 heads sizes, and 2 chest sizes.

Hair: Truth – Solstice + Braids Redhead

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Pose: Poseidon – Tauriel 3 with daggers


LocationThe Lost Unicorn Finian’s Dream Celtic Mist


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Protector of the Realm

I love fantasy, I really do. I don’t think I’m the greatest fantasy blogger out there it’s definitely not my strongest form of photography. I just love these items I got at Enchantment though and I couldn’t resist.

This dress from Old Treasures and is fit for Maitreya and Legacy only. The tiara is sold separately and comes in gold or silver. This dress is available in 8 colors or as a fatpack.

Dress ♥new♥Old Treasures – Faerie Queene Dress Legacy, Cape, and Tiara Silver – Enchantment (May 8 – May 31)

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This hair from Doux just fit the image I was trying to create perfectly. Available at the main store and MP locations, this hair is available as a basic pack with an optional deluxe pack, or as a blogger pack on the MP with both.

Hair: DOUX – Sins Hairstyle Blogger Pack

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This pose set from Diversion is old but it’s so pretty. It’s actually from the very first Enchantment Diversion ever participated in. Protector of the Moors includes 7 bento poses plus mirrors. The fatpack includes a pose stand and the staff prop.

Pose: Diversion – Protector of the Moors 6

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LocationThe Lost Unicorn Finian’s Dream Celtic Mist


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My Mother Told Me

I watched most of Vikings, until the ex-boyfriend that it was too gruesome for him. I really should finish it, my mom watched it all. I loved Lagertha in that show and when I was putting together this look she was in the back of my mind. I hope I did my Viking ancestors well and that the Gods will be pleased *winks*.

So, Enchantment is open and it’s Viking Saga. I went crazy I think, but I just love the stuff that was released for this event. I am not a blogger for Enchantment and only one of these items is an official blog piece, so for those that think bloggers are just in it for the free stuff, you can go suck your opinion.  Anyhow, this dress is WOW. From (A)maze and fit for only Maitreya, Hourglass, Physique, and Legacy, this dress is includes in two color in two versions. This dress was priced so very reasonably and to be honest I would have paid double for how amazing it is.

Dress ♥new♥(A)Maze – Freya Dress Red 2 Legacy – Enchantment Viking Saga (February 13 – March 8)


This pose set from Nantra is the only blog sponsored item and it’s amazing. This set includes 5 bento poses plus mirrors. The pose stand rezzes the props for you and then you only have to move them into place. This set is really amazing.

Pose ♥new♥: Nantra – Brynhildr 5 – Enchantment Viking Saga (February 13 – March 8)

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No.Match has this fabulous hair for Enchantment and it just completely reminds me a Lagertha. Available in all color packs and fit for men and women, you’ll be able to release your inner Viking anytime.

Hair ♥new♥: No.Match – No_Rust Essentials – Enchantment Viking Saga (February 13 – March 8)

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Last, but most definitely not least is this face paint tattoo set from Loa. This warpaint includes 5 different tatoos and is Lelutka BoM only. There is a tintable version as well, for those that don’t want to use the predetermined colors.

Warpaint ♥new♥Loa – Revna War Tattoo Wild II BoM – Enchantment Viking Saga (February 13 – March 8)

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Skin ♥new♥: Nuve – Nadia Nordic Rosy BoM Lelutka Evolution – Access Event (February 12 – March 8)

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LocationClub Ragnarok

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Cool Spring Night

I have spring on the brain. I am so sick of the snow and cold I could scream. I want to move so bad but at the moment it isn’t possible. Of course, you know what they say, “the grass is always greener on the other side”. I don’t know, it would be worth it to me to test out the theory and see if I really do like the grass on the other side.

Cool Spring Night 1024

Serenity Style helped me create my cool spring night with this amazing new house available at Enchantment. This house has an LI of only 15 and a one-room build. There is so much potential with this little house you could decorate it in so many ways.

House ♥new♥: Serenity Style – Old Peasant House – Enchantment (February 8 – March 2)

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I added some outdoor chairs and firepit from Chez Moi to set my scene. This is an older set and can be found at the main store or MP locations. There is a HUD included to change the cushions and wood as well as the blanket on the one chair. This set is available in adult or PG and includes animations.

Chair Set: Chez Moi – Allure Chate Set PG

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Lanscaping: Little Branch – Apple Tree V2 Four Seasons

Bouton d’or Lavender Field

Grass V4 Animated

Red Elder 4 Seasons Animated

Tulip Field 2Li Animated

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Garden Tools: DRD – Gardenhouse Outside Pots

 Gardenhouse Garden Tools 2

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Fox: Half Deer – Red Fox Running

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Birds: a.n.c. ltd – No Limits Gacha Flock of Flying Doves Soda Blue

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Fresh Powder

I hit several events and stores today and had the pleasure of speaking to the owner/creator of Vinyl, Little Toast. Very nice lady and I’m happy to have gotten to speak to her.

So today brought us designs from Vinyl, Atooly (pose), Remarkable Oblivion and last but not least Truth.Fresh Powder 1 So I stumbled into the Gen-Neutral Event, (blatantly TP’d in because I had to have these pants)


worn with the optional snowboarder boots


the jacket comes with an optional tank top that can be worn with it

Pose: [atooly.poses] believe pose 2 Enchantment

Location: Creations Park

Fresh Powder 2

Truth Hawks is truly one of my favorite hair designers and he just recently released this sweet new hair and the really awesome news! If you are a subscriber of his you get the variety pack for free! Run NOW and subscribe!

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Louisa [Rigged]

Ears: [MANDALA] STEKING_EARS_Season5 version a/human

Honestly I never take these ears off, there are two jewelry versions you can wear on three separate ear option, human, pixie and elf. Love love love these ears. The tattoos and jewelry options are fantasticFresh Powder 3 When I knew I was gonna be doing a blog on the snowboarder pants my next goal was to hunt down a snowboard and I found this epic gacha at Remarkable Oblivion. The snowboard is hold only option but they are well made and the designs are like nothing else.

Snowboard: RO – Snowboard – SOUNDWAVE

Gacha is located at the back of the store and is 75L a pull. Totally worth hitting this machineFresh Powder 4Last but not least we have the basics

Head: LOGO Alex v2 Omega Mesh Face – All Expressions LOGO

Body, Hands and Feet: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3 Maitreya

Skin: Glam Affair – Sia Appleirs for LOGO – 03 ( Exotic ) Shiny Shabby

Eyes: IKON  Sovereign Eyes – Tropics

Septum Piercing: [atooly] ava septum .black. Sad November