Family Home

I tried, once upon a time to be a decor blogger. I decided I wasn’t good at it, so I withdrew from all the groups that I was a part of. Today, however, a friend of mine is participating in THe Liaison Collaborative for the first time with a brand new house, so of course, I have to blog it for him right? I hope you and he all like what I’ve come up with.

This house is huge, there is a giant family room/dining room, two bathrooms, a laundry/mudroom, three bedrooms, and so much could be done with this space. This build has an LI of 173. and I am so honored to be able to share this with you. So please go check it out at The Liaison Collaborative. Get a 40% discount during the event!

House ♥new♥Industrus – The Zaronis House – The Liaison Collaborative (May 18 – June 10)

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Furniture Decor: Chez Moi – Summer Bar Complete

Barbecue Shed Complete

Orchid Patio Set Complete

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Landscape: Little Branch – Apple Tree V2 4 Seasons

Giant Cedar Animated Seasons

Spring Blossoms Tree Animated 4 Seasons

Grass v4 Animated Mesh

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Waiting on Summer

Right now in Idaho, the weather cannot decide if it is spring or if it is still winter. We’ll have several days of 70­°F plus and then suddenly spike down to very low 50°F which is accompanied by wind, rain, and yes, sometimes snow. Idaho weather is so weird and I know I talk about this all the time but seriously, I have seen snow in July. I dream of escaping to another place, one that doesn’t have such bipolar weather or bigoted people for that matter. I wish I lived somewhere that I could be free to be myself and not judge for it, but I think that is called Utopia and it just doesn’t exist.

I have blogged this outfit before, but because Julliette is taking a much-needed break to deal with RL, we’re recycling older items to show them in a new light. This top and pants are sold separately and are fit for Freya, Hourglass, Legacy, and Maitreya (Petite for the top as well) only. The top comes in 20 individual colors/graphics with 5 additional in the fatpack. The jeans come in 8 colors with 3 additional for the fatpack.

Top: Tres Blah – Slouch Tee Legacy Fatpack

Pants: Tres Blah – Cuffed Jeans Legacy Fatpack

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This backdrop from The Bearded Guy is available at the Jail Event and is one of 5 commons you can win or 1 rare. This particular backdrop has an LI of 71.

Backdrop: The Bearded Guy – Dream Higher Rose Paradise – The Jail Event (May 10 – May 30)

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The Bearded Guy Dream Higher Gacha Key

Foxy is at Collabor88 with this adorable new hair. This hair includes 3 head sizes, 3 chest sizes, and a style HUD with 4 options available in all color packs. The HUD also includes 12 headband colors and an optional patch HUD with 7 sayings in black or white, the patch can also be turned off.

Hair ♥new♥: Foxy – Isla XS Essentials – Collabor88 (May 8 – June 6)

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Pose: Secret Poses – Posing and Dancing 1 with Props

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Table: Chez Moi – Classique Cafe Set

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Rooftop Happiness

So, I have never lived anywhere that the only outdoor fun you could have was on the roof of the building you live in. I have seen it, of course, in movies and TV shows and I can imagine it could be fun creating a little party area for friends to gather. Anyhow, this backdrop for Synnergy group members helped me to kind of create a small idea of what I could imagine the possibilities to be.

Kaithleen’s is at FaMESHed this month with this gorgeous jumpsuit fit for eBody Curvy, Freya, Hourglass, Legacy (Perky), and Maitreya (Petite). It is available in 20 color options or as a fatpack. There are metals options and the single pack has only a HUD to change the bow on the back. In the fatpack, you can change the bra, pants, and bow individually.

Jumpsuit ♥new♥: Kaithleen’s – Pohoda Legacy Fatpack – FaMESHed (February 1 – February 27)

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Juna Artistic Tattoo is at Gacha Garden with this zodiac tattoo set. This set includes 3 rares and 12 commons. I love the zodiac stuff and the sun & moon motifs have always drawn my eye. This set is beautifully done. It has BoM and Omega appliers only.

Tattoo ♥new♥: Juna Artistic Tattoo – Zodiac Tattoo Dark BoM Rare 3 – Gacha Garden (February 1 – February 28)

Marketplace δ Flickr 

Juna Artistic Tattoo Zodiac Tattoo Gacha Key

This pose set from Diversion is older and available at the main store. This set contains 7 bento poses plus mirrors. You can buy them individually or as a fatpack and get a pose stand included.

Pose: Diversion – Blossom 6

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Hair: DOUX – Selena Small

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Eyeshadow ♥new♥: Nuve – Valentina Lelutka Pack 2 – Valentine’s Shop & Hop (February 5 – February 17)

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Backdrop ♥VIP Group Gift♥: Synnergy – Daytime Rooftop Backdrop

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Furniture: Chez Moi – Miami Patio Chair and Table

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I Do What I Want

Yes, I am on a break but that doesn’t mean I can’t see things that I love and blog them so here we are. I was inspired and just had to shoot a photo of this look. So here we are, just a few days into my break and already I’ve picked up the camera again. It is different to blog without requirements or stress, this is just something for fun.

I do What I Want 1024

I chose this dress from The Annex to feature today because I had it sitting in my inventory and I decided to open it. This dress was originally released for The Saturday Sale at the beginning of the month and even though it is no longer on sale it is well worth heading out to grab. This dress is fit for Maitreya, Freya, and Hourglass. There are 14 color options to choose from.

Dress: The Annex – Maddie Cornflower Freya

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Truth released this new hair to the main store and I’ll be honest, that’s why I decided to write this blog. Although I took a break from blogging I didn’t request a leave from my hair creators for one simple reason, they don’t release a lot and I didn’t want to miss out on anything or risk being removed from the groups because I’ve worked really hard to get the few hair creators that I do have. Anywho, this hair includes 2 sizes with 3 chest options for each size. It is available in all standard color packs or as a fatpack.

Hair ♥new♥: Truth – Delicate ++Chest Redhead

Marketplace δ Flickr 

Juna Artistic Tattoo is at Harajuku Event this month with a brand new upper body tattoo. This tattoo covers part of your chest, shoulders, upper arms, your full back, and buttocks. The colors are vibrant and stunning. This tattoo includes Omega and BoM in 4 intensities.

Tattoo ♥new♥: Juna Artistic Tattoo – Hoshi Tattoo – Harajuku Event (May 20 – June 10)

Marketplace δ Flickr 

Pose: Templar Poses – Corsair 3M

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Furniture: Chez Moi – Cloud Couch Set

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Backdrop: The Bearded Guy – Damn Abuser Backdrop Gacha Collection Callaita Rare

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Morning Coffee and Snuggles

Take time to enjoy the simple things in life, like morning coffee and snuggles with your pets or children. In this age of pandemic,

we tend to focus on the negative and not the positive. I’m going to tell you right now what I am thankful for.

1. I am not sick

2. My children are not sick

3. My mother is not sick

4. My grandson is not sick

5. My grandmother is not sick

Of course, this could change any day or time but for now, I am focusing on the fact that we are healthy, alive, and will make it through this nightmare we call life right now.

Morning Coffee and Snuggles 1024

Social distancing is easy in SL, I only go to my platform and shopping, I use to be a lot more social but my blog took over my life and now I’m afraid to venture out into the world again. I, like so many, have been hurt in SL and now I’m scared to try again. So I blog. At least I have amazing items like this outfit from Vinyl to blog. This brand new set is sold separately and is available at N°21 this month. Each piece is fit for Maitreya, Freya, Isis, Legacy, Hourglass, and Physique. The top comes in 18 colors with a HUD for the buttons in 7 colors. The pants are available in 18 colors as well and include a HUD for the belt with 7 options and 4 metals for the buttons and belt metals. It’s a super cute set and totally perfect for a comfy, early morning cup of coffee.

Top ♥new♥: Vinyl – Fact Cardigan Freya v2 – N°21 (March 21 – April 12)

Pants ♥new♥: Vinyl – Done Cargos Freya v2 – N°21 (March 21 – April 12)

Marketplace δ Flickr

I paired this outfit up with a newer hair from Knox available at the main store. This hair is a shorter version of the Maria hair, also available at the main store. This hair includes two styles and is available in all standard color packs or a fatpack.

Hair: Knox Hair – Marie All Colors Style A

Marketplace δ Flickr 

I wanted to check out this skin from Eudora Beauty available at Pale Girl Productions’ Skin Fair. This skin comes in all tones and I wish I could have afforded to buy them all, sadly I can’t but I can tell you what comes in each pack. This face is made for Lelutka Evo heads and includes 2 different shapes for Erin, but I used them with Lake and it looks pretty amazing to me. There is a brow shaper, a Lelutka applier, and two BoM layers; one with brows and one browless. Each tone sells for L$900. I also had to purchase the body appliers and there are two versions available; plain and freckled. When you purchase the body skin you get them all for only L$399. Each pack contains appliers for Belleza, Legacy, Maitreya, Slink, and Omega. BoM layers are also included for each body. I think that’s a pretty great steal myself. Make sure you head over to the Skin Fair as this is the FINAL weekend for another year.

Skin ♥new♥Eudora Beauty – Nataly Skin Pale Lelutka Evo – Skin Fair South Sim (March 13 – March 29)

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I chose some older nails from Lueur because what a perfect angle for a shot. These nails are fit for Belleza, Slink, and Maitreya only and include a HUD with 8 color options.

Nails: Lueur – Gleaming Bento Nails Belleza

Marketplace δ Flickr 

I chose a pose from Luane’s World available at Pose Fair through today. This pose includes a bento pose plus the mirror, a cushion and kitten prop that you rez as well as a coffee cup you add. The backdrop is also available at Pose Fair and is sold separately. It is undecorated so I had to decorate it a bit.

Pose ♥new♥: Luanes World – Where the Heart is – Pose Fair (March 7 – March 28)

Backdrop ♥new♥: Luanes World – Love Lives Here – Pose Fair (March 7 – March 28)

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I decided to see what I could find from my wonderful decor creators before I looked anywhere else and I found this lovely vanity set from Chez Moi, currently available at Cosmopolitan. This set is all one piece and includes a HUD to change the stool cushion. There are pampering animations included in this set.

Vanity ♥new♥: Chez Moi – Ilea Vanity – Cosmopolitan Event (March 23 – April 4)

Marketplace δ Flickr

The drawer chest and armoire are from The Devon Collection. This set includes the armoire with and without a hanging dress, the chest of drawers, and a nightstand. There is a texture change in all pieces to choose between cream and dove gray. The dress has two hangers and 9 dress colors. It’s a lovely set. The top of my dresser seemed a bit bare so I added some tulips to give myself a bit more of spring vibe. These flowers come in 14 flower varieties and include a texture change inside the pitcher with 13 color/pattern options.

Furniture ♥sale♥: What Next – Devon Collection – Fifty Linden Fridays (March 27, 2020)

Flowers: What Next – Emma Tulip Bouquet

Marketplace δ Flickr 

Rug: unKindness – Posh Living Area Rug

Marketplace δ Flickr

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The First Day of Spring

So, my entire life I thought the first day of spring always landed on March 21, but I found out last night it changes. The first day of spring could actually be the 19, 20, or 21. Weird. The first day of spring for me resulted in being temporarily laid off due to a worldwide pandemic but the snow is melting and that makes me so happy. I am trying not to focus on the negative, I am really trying to remain a positive person during this time. I am having a lot of fun blogging lots of stuff and today the mom’s honey-do list officially starts being worked on. There are definitely some positives happening in this trying time.

The First Day of Spring 1024

Since I am focusing on spring I decided to make an outdoor patio scene today. I chose a brand new bench from Chez Moi as my focal point. This double-seated trellis bench is available in adult or PG and includes animations for singles and couples. There is a HUD with five color options included. Grab yours at Tres Chic now. Two steaming cups of coffee are included in this set as well.

Bench ♥new♥: Chez Moi – Trellis Bench Adult – Tres Chic (March 17 – April 10)

Marketplace δ Flickr

I added this brand new dovecote from Serenity Style, available at the Man Cave this month. This set includes the dovecote and 4 different types of doves. A perfect addition to your spring patio or rooftop.

Dovecote ♥new♥: Serenity Style – Gilligan Dovecote Set – Man Cave (March 17 – April 11)

Marketplace δ Flickr 

The firepit and tulip rainboots are both older items from What Next but they just felt like a perfect addition to my spring patio. The firepit will help you stay warm during the cooler spring nights and the rainboots are just cute. The firepit has the ability to turn the fire on and off, the boots include a texturing script to change the boots and flowers.

Firepit: What Next – Bellevie Firepit

Rainboots: What Next – Tulips Rainboots Planter

Marketplace δ Flickr

I use the same trees from Little Branch so much I decided to hit the store and see what newness I could find. Well, I found two new trees and a planter that I just had to have. The Wild Sassafrass is available at the inworld store on a sale special. This tree includes two versions, wild grass, and buffalo grass. The Juniper Tree is on the MP and this pack includes crispy grass, winter grass, two hills, and snakeweed as well. The little purple planter is also on the MP and includes 5 versions plus snakeweed and wild grass.

Plants: Little Branch – Alocasia Plant Lavender

Wild Sassafras V2 Animated 4 Seasons

Juniper Tree V1 Animated Seasons

Crispy Grass Animated Seasons

Marketplace δ Flickr

The background behind my little patio seemed really bare and I thought a house would add just the right touch. This house has an LI of 168 and comes in a rez box.

Home: Galland Homes – Hatteras

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A Walk in the Japanese Garden

Idaho officially has the first case of COVID-19 aka the coronavirus in the state. Up until yesterday, it hadn’t really affected me personally, I mean I know it’s out there and really only a matter of time before it will affect everyone in some way, shape, or form. I mean, Boise is really far away from where I live in Idaho and I’m still not really stressing that I will get it or anyone I love but I do work in public, lots of people are in and out of our store every day. I guess it’s a little more on my mind having just recovered from flu and a sinus infection. I am more concerned though with my 88-year-old grandmother getting it or my 65-year-old mother, who both have weakened immune systems. Or what about the 15-year-old autistic child, the 20-year-old hypochondriac, or the 8-month-old grandson. They are all more like to be susceptible than me personally.

I am still not going to stress, nor am I going to worry, if it happens it happens. I feel horribly for the countries, states, and cities that have been so affected by this and I hope for a happy ending to the coronavirus.

A Walk in the Japanese Gardens 1024

At least I look good while strolling through the Japanese Garden. This top is available from The Annex for this week’s Saturday Sale. It is fit for Maitreya, Freya, and Hourglass only. You can grab this top in a variety of 17 colors. There is no HUD so it’s exactly as you wee here in this picture.

Top ♥new & sale♥: The Annex – Nell Cami Purple Freya – Saturday Sale Group (March 14)

Marketplace δ Flickr

I paired this top up with some new shorts from Vinyl, available at Uber this month. These shorts are fit for Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Legacy, Physique, and Maitreya. These shorts come in 16 colors with a HUD for the optional hoodies that have 18 color options. The HUD has a metals texture for the buttons and zipper.

Short ♥new♥: Vinyl – Luna Denim Shorts with Tied Hoodie Freya – Uber (February 25 – March 22)

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Egozy Babe Lelutka Evolution BoM Skin Review

Egozy is at the Pale Girl Productions Skin Fair with not one but three new skins. This gorgeous skin is for Lelutka Evolutions heads, the included shape is for Lelutka Nova but it worked really well with Lake, the newest Lelutka Evolution head. This skins comes in 15 different skin tones, includes appliers and BoM. 3 brow options and a no brow are included. Body appliers are sold separately.

Skin ♥new♥: Egozy – Babe Brow 1 Pale BoM – Skin Fair South Sim (March 13 – March 29)

Marketplace δ Flickr

Head ♥new♥: Lelutka – Lake Evolution Bento Mesh Head – Skin Fair South Sim (March 13 – March 29)


Avi-Glam has a brand new eye palette available at Skin Fair and it’s just as amazing as you expect it to be. There eyes are made for Genus, Catwa, Lelutka Evo, Omega, and BoM. There is 16 stunning colors available but grab the fatpack you won’t be sorry.

Eyes ♥new♥: Avi-Glam – Royalty Eyes Forest Lelutka Evo – Skin Fair North Sim (March 13 – March 29)

Marketplace δ Flickr

I chose this hair from Stealthic, because, why not? I love Stealthic hair anyway and when I saw this one on the MP I knew I had to have it. Available in all standard color packs, this rigged hair has two size options. There is, of course, the style HUD included as well.

Hair ♥new♥: Stealthic – Cascade Variety

Marketplace δ Flickr

I became friends with this makeup creator and I’ve seen her posts and kept forgetting to go and shop the store, so today I made the decision to hit up the MP store. This lovely eyeshadow collection is for Lelutka Evo only. There are 8 color options included with this set.

EyeshadowRicosti –  Euphoria Eyeshadow

Marketplace δ Flickr

Lipstick: POUT! – Butter Kiss HD Lipstick Lelutka Evo

Marketplace δ Flickr

This pose is from Moon Rabbit and is available at Pose Fair for this anniversary round. This pose pack includes 5 bento poses plus an umbrella, but I had gotten this gacha umbrella from a friend as a gift and I wanted to show it off. This umbrella gacha has 21 commons and 3 rares. There is a HUD to make a few changes you can make, even on the commons.

Pose ♥new♥: Moon Rabbit – Rain Set 1 – Pose Fair (March 7 – March 28)

Marketplace δ Flickr

Umbrella ♥new♥: Roiro – Wagasa Ouka Common – Tlalli (March 10 – March 28)

Marketplace δ Flickr

Roiro Wagasa Paper Umbrella Gacha Key

Chez Moi is at Tlalli Fair with this beautiful Japanese tea house available at Tlalli as well. This beautiful house includes a table, tea service, and flowers. The cushions include animations for males, females, and couples. The tea set will give you a wearable drink.

House ♥new♥: Chez Moi – Hana Japanese Tea House – Tlalli (March 10 – March 28)

Marketplace δ Flickr 

Landscaping: Little Branch – Japanese Maple Animated 5 Seasons

Snakeweed Animated Summer A

Marketplace δ Flickr

3D Trees – Garden Hedge Phantom High LOD

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Music is Life

I don’t do purely decor shots as much as I should but today’s post I just couldn’t resist. All the amazing creations coming later today to The Liaison Collaborative inspired me to create this scene and I just love it. I’ve mentioned before how much music means to me and with the 7th anniversary round of The Liaison Collaborative happening this month they chose music as the theme. I hope you love all the items as much as I do.

Music is Life 1024

I had such a hard time picking a few creators for this blog I ended up with 6 from The Liaison Collaborative alone. Chez Moi is there with this fabulous piano. This piano includes the piano, bench and guitar on the top. It is animated for singles and couples, as well as it comes in adult or PG versions. As with everything from Chez Moi it is fabulously made and has an LI of only 5.

Piano ♥new♥: Chez Moi – Nicola Piano PG – The Liaison Collaborative (March 3 – March 26)

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Serenity Style has this fantastic record cabinet gacha that includes 9 commons and one full set rare. The rare, completely rezzed out has an LI of 6. The record spins on the top and the record case and cabinet are separate pieces so you can maneuver them where you like for you perfect scene.

Record Cabinet ♥new♥: Serenity Style – Sady Vintage Vinyl Fever Rare Record Player Station and Box – The Liaison Collaborative (March 3 – March 26)

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Serenity Style Sady Vintage Vinyl Feel Gacha Key

 Dark Secrets is also at TLC with this guitar case. There are two pieces in this collection; the decor piece featured here and an animated version to wear. The decor piece has an LI of 6.

Guitar Case ♥new♥: Dark Secrets – Guitar Case Decor – The Liaison Collaborative (March 3 – March 26)

Marketplace δ Flickr

Solus has this music stand available at TLC and it comes with two versions; with and without sheet music. This version has an LI of 2.

Music Stand ♥new♥Solus – Symphony Music Stand – The Liaison Collaborative (March 3 – March 26)

Marketplace δ Flickr

The couch and table set are from Casse Lustre and are pretty fantastic. The table has a keyboard motif on the top and the couch has single and couple animations built-in. The two pieces together have a total LI of 4. There are two fabric options available in this set.

Couch and Table ♥new♥Casse Lustre – Concerto Set Timber Sofa and Concerto Table – The Liaison Collaborative (March 3 – March 26)

Marketplace δ Flickr

Cinoe has a fantastic food set for TLC. This set includes beer bottles opened and unopened, pizza, potato chips, and nuts. There is decor pieces and dispenser pieces as well. There are animations built into the pieces that come out of the dispensers. You can have a real party with this set.

Food ♥new♥: Cinoe – Acoustic Night Beer Bottle Open Decor

Acoustic Night Mix Nuts Decor

Acoustic Night Pizza Decor

Acoustic Night Potato Chips Decor – The Liaison Collaborative (March 3 – March 26)

Marketplace δ Flickr

I tied everything together using this backdrop from The Bearded Guy. This backdrop is the newest collection available at Kinky Event this month. There are 5 commons and one rare to win. This piece has an LI of 59.

Backdrop ♥new♥: The Bearded Guy – Cute Slutty Hoe Gallery Common – Kinky Event (February 28 – March 22)

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The Bearded Guy Cute Slutty Backdrop Gacha Key

Wall ArtOver the Moon Frames – Wall Art Music is Life


Give me a Moment of Peace

Do you ever hide? Hiding doesn’t have to physically conceal yourself from someone it can be as simple as closing your eyes and imagining you are anywhere but your current situation. I had to do that a few times at work yesterday, just pretend I was anywhere but where I actually was. Sometimes just stopping and taking deep breathes can help you get control of a situation that you had no control of. It’s okay to do that, it’s okay to need a minute to breathe, we all do it.

Give me a Moment of Peace 1024

At least I look good taking a moment with this new dress from Decoy coming to Uber on Tuesday. This dress is fit for Maitreya, Freya, and Legacy this dress is available in 18 colors individually or as a fatpack. This dress is adorable and comes in solid or floral versions.

Dress ♥new♥: Decoy – Emmalyn Dress Freya – Uber (February 25 – March 22)

Marketplace δ Flickr

I paired this dress up with a new jewelry set from Cae. This set includes a necklace, earrings, rings, and bracelets. The HUD has 6 metals, 15 gemstones, and 20 stones. There is a rigged ring set for Maitreya and a bento friendly set for all other bento bodies. The pieces include a resize script.

Jewelry ♥new♥: Cae – Sadie Collection – Uber (February 25 – March 22)

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This pose set from Templar Poses I took a tiny bit of creative license with. This set is intended to use with the included cowboy hat but as you see I felt I was namasteing my way through the day. This pose set includes 3 bento poses plus mirrors.

Pose: Templar Poses – Mustang 3

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Besom released this adorable hair at N°21 and I had to have it. It is sold as a fatpack only and includes 4 rigged sizes, one intended solely for Lelutka Evo mesh heads, and an unrigged version. There are two style options with this hair as well. BoM hairbases are included in the pack as well.

Hair ♥new♥: Besom – Amber – N°21 (February 21 – March 12)

Marketplace δ Flickr

I’m still playing with my Powder Pack for Lelutka this month. Clef de Peau has this lovely skin included in the pack, and it has the body appliers as well. Appliers and BoM are included in 5 tones with all kinds of options. A shape and brow shaper are included as well.

Skin ♥new♥: Clef de Peau – Mia Brows Pearl – Powder Pack – Leltuka (February 2020)

Marketplace δ Flickr

Tone 2 has this lovely eyeshadow included in the Powder Pack. An applier only this pack includes 10 vibrant shades.

Eyeshadow ♥new♥: Tone 2 by Ever – Night Bloom Eyeshadow – Powder Pack – Leltuka (February 2020)

Marketplace δ Flickr

Velour has this 16 tone lipstick pack included in the Powder Pack. This is an applier only as well.

Lipstick ♥new♥Velour – Paris HD Matte Lipstick – Powder Pack – Leltuka (February 2020)

Marketplace δ Flickr

Powder Pack Marketplace

I pulled everything together using this new backdrop from The Bearded Guy. Available at Sense Event and not a gacha piece, this backdrop has an LI of 15 and is the perfect backdrop for a noisy household.

Backdrop ♥new♥: The Bearded Guy – La Casita Backdrop – Sense Event (February 15 – March 8)

Marketplace δ Flickr δ Group Join

Chair: Chez Moi – Hanging Chair Bali

Marketplace δ Flickr δ Group Join

Trike: Kunst – Neva Tricycle Rare

Marketplace δ Flickr

Dog Toys: Half Deer – Dog Clutter Ball, Tennis Ball, Bone

Marketplace δ Flickr

Man: House of Wax – Casual Man

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Cool Spring Night

I have spring on the brain. I am so sick of the snow and cold I could scream. I want to move so bad but at the moment it isn’t possible. Of course, you know what they say, “the grass is always greener on the other side”. I don’t know, it would be worth it to me to test out the theory and see if I really do like the grass on the other side.

Cool Spring Night 1024

Serenity Style helped me create my cool spring night with this amazing new house available at Enchantment. This house has an LI of only 15 and a one-room build. There is so much potential with this little house you could decorate it in so many ways.

House ♥new♥: Serenity Style – Old Peasant House – Enchantment (February 8 – March 2)

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I added some outdoor chairs and firepit from Chez Moi to set my scene. This is an older set and can be found at the main store or MP locations. There is a HUD included to change the cushions and wood as well as the blanket on the one chair. This set is available in adult or PG and includes animations.

Chair Set: Chez Moi – Allure Chate Set PG

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Lanscaping: Little Branch – Apple Tree V2 Four Seasons

Bouton d’or Lavender Field

Grass V4 Animated

Red Elder 4 Seasons Animated

Tulip Field 2Li Animated

Marketplace δ Flickr

Garden Tools: DRD – Gardenhouse Outside Pots

 Gardenhouse Garden Tools 2

Marketplace δ Flickr

Fox: Half Deer – Red Fox Running

Marketplace δ Flickr

Birds: a.n.c. ltd – No Limits Gacha Flock of Flying Doves Soda Blue

Marketplace δ Flickr