Blogging Resume

I'm not Crazy...Yet 1024My name is Dannicka Resident, better known as Nickie Rose Brenton. I discovered the camera function in Second Life early only and became addicted to photography. As the years passed by and I realized that I could never make it as a paid photographer I had to put my photo creativity somewhere and that is how Danni’s Dream was born.

My very first brand I blogged for officially has since left Second Life altogether but the memory of that chance lives on. I have blogged for some amazing brands.

I focus mainly on women’s fashion including clothing, accessories, skins, hair and more. I also occasionally pull out my m-alt and include male fashion. I blog skins and include a review showing each tone available in a pack.

A few years ago I added decor to my repertoire and I still find it a challenge but so much fun.

I love event blogging, some people get very stressed out at the number of posts and items required for an event but I love it because I get to cover brands that I have never heard of or had the chance to feature.

For more information of the stores that I blog for please visit Designer List. It is a work in progress as I lost my blog page that I had been using for 3 years, slowly but surely adding everyone back, here on my original page.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my blog and I, have a safe day!