I Was Never a Skater Girl

I grew up in the 80s and 90s when everyone seemed to be on a skateboard of some kind. I tried a little one my grandparents had lying around that had been my uncle’s when he was young only to find I have absolutely no balance whatsoever. Skateboarding was just not meant for me. I’ve had friends over the years, both skateboarders and longboarders, do not get them confused it makes them pretty angry. I’ll tell you though, even though I think Tony Hawk is amazing I definitely don’t want to be him!

So this whole post started because of this pose set from Diversion available at Access Event this month. This pose set includes 8 bento poses plus mirrors, and a skateboard prop for each one. This set is a lot of fun and I am so honored I get to share with you the amazing work of Rina Edenflower.

Pose ♥new♥: Diversion – Board Slide 8 – Access Event (May 12 – June 8)

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The only other new item I have in this hair from Rama Salon. I am very impressed with the new textures for these hairs and now you can purchase a style HUD separately which is so nice. This hair pack includes 4 head sizes each with 4 chest sizes. The styler has 4 hairstyle options. There are two HUDs available now; naturals and colors.

Hair ♥new♥: RAMA Salon – Vicky Hair with Optional Style HUD – Equal10 (May 10 – June 5)

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This outfit from Vinyl Apparel is two different pieces that are sold separately. They are older so you’ll find them at the main store and MP locations only. They are both fit for Alice, Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Legacy, Maitreya (V2 and Petite), and Physique. The top can be worn without the cami underneath and the pants can be worn without the boxer. Each piece is available in 18 colors or as a fatpack.

Top: Vinyl – Crumble Top Legacy Fatpack

Pants: Vinyl – Choco Butter Cargos and Boxers Legacy Fatpack

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Backdrop: Paleto – Stari Depozit

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Shoes: Vale Koer – V-3 Trainers Unrigged Group Gift

Marketplace δ Flickr

For details regarding basic look and LMs to body parts please click here.

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