A Night at the Ball

I’ve never been to a ball, I didn’t even get invited to my prom. The one homecoming I went to was so embarrassing to me because my “date” was a friend and his outfit was awful and he wouldn’t dance. I’m not super girly in RL but I have dreamed of getting dressed up all fancy and going to a formal venue with a handsome man (or woman I’m not picky) and having the time of our lives. Maybe one day I will get my ballroom dream but I’m not holding my breath.

This dress from Black Swann, I have been waiting for it since the first moment she shared her WIP, and OMG I had to buy the fatpack. It’s just so amazing. This dress, fit for Maitreya and Legacy only is available in 5 color options or as a fatpack. A gold and silver alpha mask is included as well.

Dress ♥new♥: Black Swann – Siren Dress Teal – Collabor88 (May 8 – June 6)

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As soon as I saw this hair I just knew it would go amazingly well with this dress. From Exile, this hair includes a HUD with all the colors, fringe option, full bright option, materials option, tint (which I used to achieve the right ginger tone for me), and style HUD with 4 options. This pack also includes 3 sizes.

Hair ♥new♥: Exile – Cersei – Collabor88 (May 8 – June 6)

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The bindi and choker are from Rawr for this week’s SoKawaii Sunday sale. Each piece includes a resizer and a HUD with 12 metals and 12 gemstones for 2 parts. They are unrigged.

Bindi and Choker ♥new♥: RAWR! – Alice Bindi and Choker (sold separately) – SoKawaii Sundays (Every Sunday)

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This pose set from Foxcity is part of this week’s The Saturday Sale. Along with several other poses and a backdrop or two (can’t remember for sure) you can pick this set up for only 75L. This pose set includes 7 bento poses plus mirrors with one of them being the fatpack exclusive. There is a pose stand and HUD included as well.

Pose ♥sale♥: Foxcity – Delicate Bento Pose 3 – The Saturday Sale (Every Saturday)

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This backdrop from Minimal is so pretty. I had to rez out two to give me the fullness I wanted but it was so worth it. With an LI of 45 this gorgeous balcony scene is perfect for so many moments.

Backdrop ♥new♥: Minimal – Corinna Backdrop Balcony – Collabor88 (May 8 – June 6)

Marketplace δ Flickr

For details regarding basic look and LMs to body parts please click here.

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