Spuds Mackenzie

When I was a kid the spokesperson for Bud Light was none other than Spuds Mackenzie. Spuds Mackenzie was a bull terrier with a very distinctive ring around his eye. I loved Spuds and would wait to see commercials featuring him. Things have gotten kind of bland and boring with all the changes in marketing due to the government determining things like that were geared towards kids and encouraged drinking and made it look cool. I don’t know about anyone else, but I just thought it was a cute puppy and didn’t have a clue they were selling alcohol.

Manni got brushed off twice in one month so that I could feature this shirt from Justice available at Men Only Monthly. This shirt is fit for Aesthetic, Geralt, Gianni, Jake, and Legacy M only. It is available in 20 colors, a fun pack with 10 prints, or as a fatpack with everything. Each pack includes a metal HUD with 10 metal options.

Shirt ♥new♥: Justice – Levi Shirt Legacy Fatpack – Men Only Monthly (April 20 – May 15)

Jeans: Justice – Travis Jeans Legacy Fatpack

Marketplace δ Flickr 

Pose: Secret Poses – John 5

Marketplace δ Flickr

Backdrop: Paleto – Bronx District

Marketplace δ Flickr

Hair: Stealthic – Baron Browns

Marketplace δ Flickr

For details regarding basic look and LMs to body parts please click here.


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