Sit Still, Look Pretty

The Epiphany opened today as did the Hair Fair 2016 and there are so many amazing things to pick up at both events.

Sit Still, Look Pretty

Vinyl and Azuchi have collaborated for The Epiphany on this absolutely amazing top, skirt and boot combo, as well as unKindness has an amazing urban buildings gacha.

Top: Vinyl + Azuchi – Aoki Top

Skirt: Vinyl + Azuchi – Cudi Skirt/Belt

Pose: BAXE_FEMALE HIP HOP8 – Pose Lovers and Friends

Scene: uK – Paradise Pier Off-Sim RARE

Sit Still, Look Pretty 2

Phoenix has some amazing contributions to the Hair Fair and this is just one of them.

Hair: :::Phoenix::: Louane Hair Reds

Skin: Ooh-la-licious Skins – Katalina – Peaches and Cream

Eyes: IKON – Triumph Eyes – Poltergeist

Nails: {ZOZ} DSignature Reds Black tip

Necklace: **RE** Surya Necklace – Common – Rose

Ring (right): **RE** Favola Ring – Tres Chic Gift

Ring (left): EarthStones All My Love Wedding Ring – Hers

Sit Still, Look Pretty 3

Boots: Vinyl + Azuchi – Taylor Boots


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