Who Says

Geektopia opens today at noon! Some awesome items are available for your inner geek!

Who Says

This scene is a gacha from CONSTRUCT and you’re seeing it in it’s entirety. There are 3 rares and 11 commons to win to create your very own workspace. The gacha is 50L a pull and all items are only 1LI.

Decor: – CONSTRUCT – Geek Workspace Gacha

CONSTRUCT – GW 3D printer – 1 li RARE
CONSTRUCT – GW Comic Collection – 1 li
CONSTRUCT – GW Corpus – 1 li
CONSTRUCT – GW Desktop – 1 li
CONSTRUCT – GW Double Helix – 1li
CONSTRUCT – GW Encyclopedia – 1 li RARE
CONSTRUCT – GW Laptop – 1 li
CONSTRUCT – GW Lava Lamp – 1 li
CONSTRUCT – GW Notes – 1 li
CONSTRUCT – GW Pencil Holder & Newton’s Cradle – 1 li
CONSTRUCT – GW Shelf – 1 li
CONSTRUCT – GW Office Chair – 1 li
CONSTRUCT – GW Pi-Neon – 1 li
CONSTRUCT – GW Wall Art – 1 li RARE
CONSTRUCT – GW Wet Floor Sign – 1 li

The outfit is from Day Dreamer and comes in 5 different geek motifs. I chose the periodic table for this blog.

Outfit: Day Dreamer – Periodically

Pose: IE – Body Shots 2 (b)

Who Says 2

The designers of Hairology are doing a special event this month with prices ranging from 35-75% off their amazing hairs. This hair from Boon Lab is just one of the many available and it’s perfection.

Hair: *booN Lab.011

The eyes are from Geektopia by Mesange with 15 different eyes to choose from.

Eyes: MESANGE – Antikythera Mechanism – Eyes 1

Darkendstare has this super cute cyberbunnie headphone set with an optional visor available at Geektopia. With 8 color options, 4 visor options and 3 headphone icons you can completely customize for your look.

Headset: darkendStare. cyberbunnie headset [white/green]

Skin: Ooh-la-licious Skins – Katalina – Honey

Nocciola has come out with this cute gamer girl necklace. Available in 5 color options with a HUD to change the bow and buttons you can’t lose!

Necklace: <Nocciola>Pretty*Gamer- Black

Who Says 3

DP – Koffin Nails is once again at the Cosmetic Fair with these amazing marble polishes.

Nails: DP – Koffin Nails – Marbleized Pastel

Who Says 4

Shoes: REIGN.– Dolly Plats


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