The Epiphany  opened on January 12 and my addiction to gacha machines sent me on my way into TP hell just so I could slap a few machines. My persistence paid off and I got a few goodies for my closet.

Memories 1

First up we have the super amazing Figure Skating outfit from Caboodle.

The available items include two rare leotards and a set of rare skates as well as 16 common items.

Leotard: Caboodle – Common Leotard Red – M The Epiphany 

Pose: {NANTRA} Don’t Let This Feeling End 2

Location: Rustic Winter Retreat

Memories 2

Truth also has a gacha machine and being a true Truth addict I couldn’t resist. The machine includes 9 commons and 2 rares.

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Kasimire [Reds] The Epiphany 

You can also redeem your prizes for points and grab the exclusives from each creator.

The hair piece I’m wearing is the exclusive from Truth. It’s the gold embellishment with a 5 stone color change hud. It’s available for 25 points.

Memories 3

Headband: Caboodle – Rose Headband


Caboodle – Rose Flower

Caboodle – Medal (Gold)

Septum: [Z O O M] Ramses Septum Chapter 4

Skin: Glam Affair – Cloe Appleirs for LOGO – Jamaica Collabor88

Memories 4

Caboodle – Garter (Red&Black)

I got the rare skate, it comes with a hud to change the skates from black to white and the socks to 4 different colors.

Skates: Caboodle – RARE SKATES

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